Sebastian Sarti (B. 1996) is originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala. He immigrated to the United States with his parents when he was thirteen years old and has been living in Southern California since then. He received his Honors B.A, from the Department of Art at The Claire Trevor School of the Arts from the University of California - Irvine in 2019.
He has had the chance to exhibit his work at the University Art Gallery in 2019 as part of his group thesis show titled Of Impermanence. He has had work published in La Horchata Zine in 2018 and most recently in 2020 became an honorable mention in Float Magazine’s online Exhibition titled ANNUS HORRIBILIS (Horrible Year) curated by artist Adam cable.

Sebastian Sarti makes photographic works that are inspired by his own daydreams. his constructed images vary from person to place to objects to create an encyclopedic record of these imaginary and poetic thoughts. His creations come to life from fragmented information Sebastian consumes such as social media, fashion magazines, catholic religious paintings, and social experiences. His constructional aesthetic emulates various aspects of consumer photography seen in advertising or editorial magazines because it forges an avenue to invite the viewer to observe.

The photographs he creates become allegorical constructions of the world because there is a possibility for reevaluation in them. As an agent through which something is shown, photography allows for both the real and the imagined to find a common ground. certain gestures or activities in his works can express different states of mind such as solitude, attraction, and eroticism. His pieces also question how the mind perceives and interprets the compromise of such feelings to experience a new and slower way of seeing what and who is in his constructed world through an incessant uncanny gaze.